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From blinds that Sway, to blinds that Stay.

From the first pair of metal tiebacks made in the garage, a small batch was then manufactured as an engineering project at college.

It became clear that a more suitable material was required and that led to the design of the products available today. “ It is a continually rewarding learning curve”, David Explains. “From literally a sketch on a notepad, to learning about Intellectual property, manufacturing, marketing, and all aspects of business all be it on a small scale, I feel very fortunate to have seen the project get off the ground, and I feel proud to have done my best with the resources I had and not rushed things, then also to have had the chance to work with some very professional and experienced people”.

“An initial loan taken on my property enabled me to take a calculated risk that resulted in the production of the first product, stock and the grant of a patent. After several years of trialing different materials for strength on the blinds in our home and the timely publishing of my first patent placed me in a reasonable position to contact retailers and manufacturers of blinds throughout the U.K.”

” louvretie U.K. ltd was registered in October 2008 and the first website produced, the quest then began to improve the product so that it could be used by any vertical blind, in any setting, anywhere in the world. “.

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